Our studio is open every day (except Estonian national holidays) from 9.00 to 22.00. If earlier agreed you may also get time during the night hours. Minimum time period for the studio rent is one hour.


Your session time begins and ends according to the time booked. Please do not be late, because in this case time you do not use will not be compensated. It only can be allowed if there is no any bookings right after your session.


You can make bookings by the telephone number: +372 569 10937, e-mail: or by means of our electronic booking on the following web-page:


Prices are mentioned for 1 hour of rent, which also includes the requisite and equipment mentioned in the studio description. Studio rental fee does not include photographer services.


In case of booking 2 or more hours straight, rental price will be lowered.


There is no reimbursment in case the session ends up earlier than the booking time.


There is a two seated make–up table in the studio. Clients who booked the studio will be offered to use one place at the table for one hour before the time booked. We please to inform about your wish of using the table during filling the studio booking application on our web page.


In case of booking the studio will send an invoice for 100% prepayment to the e mail address, stated in the booking form. Please transfer the total sum to the bank account written on the invoice of prepayment during mentioned time.


If session time needs to be cancelled more than 3 days before booked time, then studio offers new time without any extra fee. When that need arises 1-3 days prior booked time then studio offers new time with additional 50% fee. Customer has the right to postpone time not more than 2 months into the future and not more often than once a month. Cancelling booking less than 1 day before booked time does not give any right to get a new time for studio rental. Studio has the right not to refund service fee.


Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs in studio is strictly prohibited, as well as staying drunk or making harm to the studio.


Please inform us in advance if during photosession you need to use any additional material (fluff, confetti, tinsel, flower petals, etc.). Also leave some time for cleaning up the studio afterwards.


Moving the furniture is allowed, but party who rents the studio is fully responsible for any damage made to the studio equipment. Please keep in mind, that you may easily scratch the floor so make the displacement of heavy objects with the help of two or more people to prevent damaging of any serfaces.You may also ask for a help from studio personnel, we will always be redy to help you. All the displaced objects should be returned to their initial place before leaving.


The studio allows a maximum of 2 animals at a time. Before the start of the session, the pet owners read the rules of the studio (full responsibility for cleanliness and property). The administrator can stay in the hall during the whole shooting and stop the session – in case the rules of the studio are violated or the animals are very active or aggressive. Only clean, well-groomed and friendly animals are allowed to participate in the photoshoots.


There are high steps in the studio so parents plase take care of children. Studio personnel will not be responsible in case of any accidents or injures.


During the session clients bear total responsibility for all the goods, interior, furniture, accessories and equipment in the studio. Also they guearantee the payment for cleaning service if for any reason they leave the place uncleaned. Person who ordered the studio is responsible for all the attendees.


When renting the studio all the attendees accept the studio rules. Non-acquaintanance with the rules doesn’t exempt from the responsibility.


Its not neccesary to take refreshers or food with you. Thay may stain the interiour or your cloths. Insted we wil gladly provide you with a glass of clean fresh water.


Photo and video filming with propaganda of violence, porn, racial, sexual, religion or any other kind of discrimimnation, escort service advertisment are strictly forbidden. Photographers or models who will be revealed may be put into a black list without any notice. Futher arrival will be prohibited without any reimbursment.


We kindly ask you not to leave any garbage. Studio is not responsible for lost belongings.